The things you learn when you’re bored

Morse Code

I was reading this article about the prisoner of war in Vietnam who blinked T-O-R-T-U-R-E in morse code during a TV interview and I thought it was seriously cool (fine I saw it on imgur).

I’d already been fascinated by morse code since Alias (k, She Spies) and thought it was some sort of magic language that was not to be learned by a dumb commoner, but it turned out to be pretty freakin simple.

If you feel like procrastinating:

Step 1: Say “Dit” & “Dah” a few times in your head. Dit dit dah dit dit dah dah diiiiiit ♪ ♫

Step 2: Learn that every letter from the alphabet is a combination of Dits and Dahs. Dit and Dah are the sounds you will hear when you’re communicating in morse code.

Step 3: Since we’re doing this shiz visually (you’re at work.) learn that Dit is a circle and Dah is a rectangle that could fit 3 circles inside it.

Boom. Visuals.

Boom. Visuals.

Step 4: memorize all a diiiis.

You're fucked.

You’re fucked.

Handy for when you get kidnapped: SOS is …   _ _ _   … (dididit   dadadah   dididit)

Step 5: My god, you my friend are a bored one. Ok, here’s what i did to memorize them:

What the internet tells you (these are cool):
This is exactly how i would draw a headache.

This is exactly how i would draw a headache.


The coolest! - Doesnt work for some letters though.

The coolest! – Doesnt work for some letters though.


This makes no sense but the sheer ridiculousness (?)  of it makes you memorise it.

This makes no sense but the sheer ridiculousness (?) of it makes you memorize it.

Still ridiculous.

Still ridiculous.

The rest is here.

What I did (I think I fancy myself an expert now):

Learned my name: Y A R A (wrote each letter in a row on my notebook)
Y _ . _ _    Memorised this mnemonically
A . _         Ax: I wanted this to look like an ax but it seriously doesn’t, but it does look like the long rectangle is an axe hitting the tiny human that is the dot.
R . _ .       Couldn’t find a way to memorize it so I was stunned. Stunned . _ .
A . _         Ax! Ax! Ax!

i did this on photoshop.

I did this on photoshop.


Every letter has a different logic in my head using different methods, find your preferred way and stick to it or mix them all together. Start with your name though, then your last name and go from there.

Step 6: Start practicing and turning sentences into dits and dahs and google audio morse code and translate it on paper. Try doing hello world (solution below)

Step 7: Learn how numbers work and how to capitalise and proper spacing (I had lost interest at that point and thought numbers were too mathy for my taste.)

Point is it’s sort of not rocket science, and I’m in marketing fyi.

* hello world
didididit dit ditdahditdit ditdahditdit dahdahdah   ditdahdah dahdahdah ditdahdit ditdahditdit dahditdit
….   .   ._..   ._..   _ _ _ _    ._ _   _ _ _   ._.   ._..   _..
(if it’s wrong it’s not my fault) 



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