What we’re really gaining from the C Flow offer

By now most of Lebanon probably knows about the C Flow offer: Ladies go in between 9 and 11 am, they get in free of charge. This is an awesome offer that generated a lot of buzz and made the beach resort the place to be these past couple of months. Most of us are trying to analyze their marketing strategy, we love to sit around speculating and asking questions like: what exactly are they gaining from this? If all the girls are coming in for free, where’s the income coming from? Is the restaurant fee and the expected revenue produced by the increase of the number of guys who are bound to show up enough to make them a reasonable profit? We’re all obviously very worried about how C Flow will generate revenue. We’re forgetting to ask one fundamental question: what are we gaining from this?

A tiny recap of the lebanese economical history goes like this: Every year the big guys sitting on the money thrown raise their companies’ prices and every year we reluctantly accept those increases because it’s out of our control. We think we’re not allowed to expect anything else. We’ve grown accustomed to these increases so much so that we now adjust our expenses around them, we all know they’re coming, every year, like clock work. We like to live by the “badna nonbosit b sayfiyetna” philosophy that states that it’s okay to pay 40.000LL for beach access because we want to enjoy ourselves and it just so happens that the cost of happiness and semi-good service in Lebanon is a hefty sum.

This summer a little something changed; the C Flow offer gave us a tiny spark of hope. It reminded us that it’s absolutely okay and completely rational to expect lower charges for the same value.

Last year C flow had a marketing strategy like every other resort, it went a little like this: “We offer a great beach experience with solid service and quality.” It was the default tagline for most lebanese beaches. This summer they’re saying: “Look we know you can’t pay a ton of L.L. every time you want to go to the beach, we get it, we understand you, we believe what you believe and we’re actively trying to help. Also did we mention we’re still offering the same customer service quality? You basically have nothing to lose.” They’re appealing to the masses and it’s working. By switching their strategy to price domination while maintaining the same quality of services they changed the rules of the Lebanese resort game and shifted it to our advantage. If the other beaches now see C Flow as the big bad competitor they will attempt to do something to regain their strength and attempt to win our trust and loyalty. And right now appealing to us only means price reduction with great value. By introducing it as a viable option C Flow broke the barrier and made cost reduction an attainable possibility, it made it the only thing we’re interested in and made it rational to expect it.

If we have companies fighting to please us we, the Lebanese people, will regain the power and we will benefit the most. Remember what virgin radio did with having whatsapp instead of sms? The other stations were so terrified of virgin’s competitive advantage that they started offering a whatsapp number for their audience also. Companies are here to please us and we keep forgetting it. Paying large amounts of money for okay value is not acceptable. It’s unfair. It should not be habit, we should not expect it and we definitely shouldn’t condone it. It’s only by refusing to pay for the unfair and expecting good value for reasonable pricing that we can move forward.

I’m sure we’re all sick and tired of being haunted by the terrifying screams of our wallets and bank accounts, I’m sure It’s time for a change.

Disclaimer: I don’t really care about C Flow and i have nothing to do with it, it’s an example you guys


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