Why you should care about what other people think

Since I started this tiny who-the-hell-cares-about-it blog, I thought I’d gather up some feedback to see how I can make it better. This is what most people do right? They release things in beta, ask for feedback, analyse the results and make the appropriate adjustments based on people’s critiques. I’m taking people’s opinion into consideration. No matter how many times I tell myself I’m writing for me I’m still 60% of the time writing for other people aka for social validation, a reason why we’re all on so many social media platforms we’ve lost count. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Caring about what other people think is nothing to be ashamed of.

Now of course I’m not telling anybody to sit in a corner riddled with insecurities, I’m not talking about extremes here. I’m saying that the marching-to-my-own-drum-fuck-the-world attitude is not always the best one. Allow me to explain through a personal example of mine: For five years running now I’ve woken up at 5:30am sharp every single day. To straighten my hair. Yeah. Don’t judge me.
Does that make me shallow? Probably. Does it mean I care about what other people think? Absolutely yes. Does it mean I haven’t given up on life? Yes, and this is what I’m getting at. Caring means you’re still playing this little life game, it means you’re still trying. Getting up to run every morning to look and feel better should be applauded because you’re taking a conscious decision to keep bettering yourself. It’s awe inspiring. If your friend proclaims: “I want to go run 3al marina every day starting today” your response should never be: “do you really have time for that?” or “eh mbala, men chouf 2addeh rah ydal hal 7ames ba3ed jem3a”. Your response should always be encouraging, if you see them giving up you push them forward because we are in desperate need of motivation, especially in our precious little country.
In my opinion that’s the reason why all those celebrities stay gorgeous when they hit their 40s. They have a reputation to uphold, if they have a healthy body the media, or more specifically their fans, will celebrate it, they’ll applaud it. If they let go, if they walk around with greasy hair all the time they will be mocked. So they stay healthy and beautiful and attempt to do the right things all the time for the sake of being idolized, because they will be validated, because they will get a return on their self investment, because they are their own best assets. This is a privilege that we, mere mortals, do not have. We have no one who will erect a statue in our honor if we stop eating junk food, we have no one putting “gorgeous outfit omg!” in the comment section of our photos plastered all over justjared if we put a little more effort into looking good, there’s no one encouraging us, pushing us.
So the simple solution is to be each other’s sponsors, to give each other compliments, to encourage each other to keep trying. Constructive criticism is amazingly helpful, even if you think people are just doing it to sound smart or superior. More often than not caring about what other people think makes you better, it gives you self awareness and discipline, it helps you lead the best life you can lead.

So yalla I’ll care with you if you care with me!


I'd love it if you had anything to add or comment on!

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