Thoughts on championing emigration

If you’re in any position of power, if you’re capable of influencing people, if your opinion is valued among your peers or if at least your friends go with your restaurant suggestion from time to time then please think about the following theory and take it into consideration the next time you feel like divulging in a rant about why we should all flee our country.

Let’s never advertise the idea that our country is not worth living in, no matter how right this might be. If you want to leave the country leave it! it’s up to you. You think there are better opportunities out there? fair enough, you’re right, just don’t go around endorsing the ‘if you know what’s best for you you should emigrate’ idea. You’re smart, you’re thinking with your brain, you want to go live somewhere where you at least get to go about your day with your dignity intact, you want to live in a place where ambition is valued not mocked, where moving up the imaginary ladder of success we’re all so obsessed with is achieved by doing good work not through nepotism, i’m all for it. You bring up very valid points on our living situation but just think for a second about how demotivating this is for the people who are staying. Imagine for a second if everyone in your age group left, what would happen to your country then? A country can’t function without its youth. You say you don’t care? fine, what would happen to that grandma, mother father, uncle, aunt etc you left behind who we all know would refuse to leave? You’re leaving them in the midst of a corrupted country and gave them absolutely no fighting chance. By mainstreaming and sponsoring the ‘let’s all leave’ mentality you’ve doomed them.

People are impressionable, stop encouraging them to get on that plane stop discouraging them from attempting to achieve greatness right here. Ridiculing the people who have no intention of leaving is disgraceful, you have every right to pack up and go just don’t condemn the people who stay because they, like you, are doing a very smart thing in the long run.

Side note: If anybody reading this has any wasta at the american embassy feel free to contact me asap.


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