When did software engineers become such great philosophers?

It’s strange to think that the best articles i’ve read this year, the ones that have motivated and inspired me the most, were often written by techies. Right now being a promising developer, programmer, entrepreneur hell even being a VC, means you must have a blog and are regularly documenting your thoughts. It means you must be crafting your online image.

Is it now expected to document your progress in order to succeed?

I must’ve missed something. How did writing become associated with sales? When did copywriting become one of the most powerful marketing tools? When did tech and writing get so chummy? And most importantly how are all those tech people coming up with such greatcontent?

Most of the time they talk about how busy they are, how hectic an entrepreneur’s life is, how chaotic it is; Yet they still manage to delve deep into a subject, to write about productivity, to teach us new skills, to write about their progress. Basically everyone that matters in the startup world is a writer now. The weirdly amazing thing is, everyone comes baring great value, everyone has a story to share, everyone is proud of their downfalls, everyone sees mistakes as learning opportunities. It’s as if they’ve all adopted the same philosophy: to learn and keep learning, to teach and keep teaching, even if you have very little to teach. And we love reading about it! they leave out the boring bits in their diary-esque writing style but give us just enough excitement, just enough free lessons and just enough tweetable quotes to keep us hooked. They have a lot to gain from this obviously, but so do we. It’s the perfect example of a win win situation.

I personally am not in the tech world, i am just standing on the sidelines reading and it’s amazing to see what the people in this field are doing.

The tech bubble will burst soon, the software roller coaster can only go up for so long, but i think the sheer coolness of what they’ve created is timeless.

I realise writing is also being used in other fields to strengthen brands, but i think it’s worth noting that, in my opinion, the most inspirational story tellers at the moment are, surprisingly, software folks.


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