Don’t remember the bad only when bad things happen

You want the lebanese ‘organized chaos’ lifestyle to end? You and me both kid.

I don’t think we should keep saying ‘l cha3eb 7mar l 7a2 3layna’. I don’t think we should keep calling ourselves sheep. I don’t think people who are one minute talking about how all the country’s leaders “badoun 7are2″, but run to their political corner the minute any sort of turbulence happens are sane.

I saw kids at my college beat the shit out of each other because the night before something happened in our precious country that reminded them they are not united. Hoping for the best doesn’t cut it anymore.

I believe the power of the spoken or written word is still vastly underrated. I think that even if we think it’s cheesy we should always promote love, we should always fight racism homophobia and extremism. I think that if only a few of us right now started promoting these ideas, the ones about love and humanity, we can progress and make people move forward with us. Call it history repeating itself, call it whatever you want i’m saying it anyway (like millions said it before me) and you should too:

We are the new generation, we can change things.

Stop listening to your parents’ politics, you’re educated people have your own opinions. Look carefully, notice how we live in a country where absolutely no political leader is looking out for our best interest. Kindly remember this throughout the year. Look at the people who kill each other because they have different points of view, help them. You know better, they don’t. Don’t unite in the name of patriotism only when someone writes a bad article about your country, stand together because yes we’re in this together and yes we have each other’s backs. Don’t think one political leader’s shameful behavior makes his opponents’ any better, they are the same. We live in a country where the 1% needs at least 10% of the population to remain poor in order to stay rich. Our history has a recurring theme that begins and ends with political aspirations, but we’re no one’s puppet. Learn to separate the good from the bad, have opinions and for the love of everything you believe inkeep your religion to yourself. Religion is not the big bad evil everyone is making it out to be. Extremism is. Your religion is private, discussions in a civilized matter can be amazingly enlightening, forcing people to believe what you believe is not.

I don’t think remembering we hate the situation in our country the moment a bomb goes off is the answer, try to remember the heartache all year round. Make it your mission to fix things and don’t give up because you and I? we’re meant to fix things, we’re meant to find solutions. Don’t let go of what you believe is right because of laziness and habit. This is not ‘it’ for us, our country can be better, we can be better. Don’t label this as childish optimism, we could all benefit of some child-like optimism around here, we could benefit from ideas, from brainstorming sessions, from sitting around and coming up with solutions for a change. This at least is better than what most of us are doing which is curse the country, say we want to leave the minute something bad happens and when the situation stabilizes we forget. We get back to our collective routines of cursing traffic and watching our dads angrily stare at the supermarket bills. We get back to working to pay for gas, and paying for gas to keep working.

Speak against the people who want to physically or mentally hurt you. Don’t get riled up because someone has different opinions. Choose the high road, lead by example. Those are clichés for a reason. Let go of silly pride, pride is nothing, pride is meaningless, pride is an idea encrypted in our heads by men and women who like to pick fights. If someone bad-mouths my religion it’s not the end of the world. Is it disrespectful? hell yes. Is it vulgar? You bet. But it’s not worth having blood on my hands. Defending the honor of a religion that’s older than me is just not the most important thing. Why? because religion is between me and my god, it’s private, it is here to keep us grounded and sane, to give our lives meaning. It’s not worth it to violently defend the god i believe in, who, judging by the number of his worshipers, does not particularly need my protection. And if believing in nothing makes you happy then by all means, believe in nothing! be your own moral compass, be an extraordinarily good human.

Some people are bad, some people like to fight, some people are bored, some like to rebel; We like freedom we like organization, we like opinions, we’re anti war, we’re pro humanity, we believe life is too silly and too ridiculously awesome to be spent fighting.

We believe in the power of ‘let’s talk things out’.


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