Advice from a potential customer

I’m sorry but no i don’t want to buy the book you wrote and promoted in your twitter bio. It looks desperate, you look like a narcissist who assumes i’ll buy his book but also really scared i wont. Chances are, no matter how well your online reputation is, if i visit your page and see shameless self promoting, i’ll forget you within the next minute. i will not bother following you, or clicking on your blog entries, and in my head it’s not a big deal because i’ve already categorized you as someone not interested in writing a good piece but in selling and promoting his book. And it’s not your fault. you wrote a damn book, you worked your ass off and now you want to sell it, you want a reward, a return on investment, the investment being your hours and hours spent on your computer screen.

The thing is i, the potential buyer, want something too, i want to fall in love with your writing through tweets and blog posts, i want to find you relatable, and witty and knowledgeable. i want each 140 character sentence of yours to make me wiser, to entertain me, to teach me a skill , to be a learning opportunity for me. Most importantly, no matter how irrational this is, i want to discover your book or any of your other non free products by complete and utter accident.

I’ll be so excited about it, you won’t even need to market it for me because i would be the discoverer of content.

Do you remember that feeling you had when you finished the book? it was amazing huh? your words are going to impact the world, what a rush! well, the same thrill comes for us non writers when we discover great content. We see you writers as the people we will never be, but still we’re educated people, we may not be great writers but we are great readers. We know good writing when we see it, we can tell the bad from the good, the fakes from the reals and we feel we deserve the credit for the find. We are your marketers now.

In our quest to take the credit for this discovery, to show the world that despite not being able to produce great content we are still able to find it, we will speak highly of you, and your words because it’ll reflect greatly on us, because we want to show that we are awesome enough to find people like you between the piles and piles of internet garbage.

We are attention seekers who want to not only learn, but also show everybody that we are learning. That’s what makes us, the discoverers, the best marketers.

This is my point of view, I realise I’ve created more problems than solutions but hopefully I or someone else sharing my pov will come up with some answer to this dilemma with time.


I'd love it if you had anything to add or comment on!

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